Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend '07

Ah yes...yet another in a long list of interesting things that I've done with Mike.

This weekend was the annual Hedon hash event that was held just outside of Atlanta. It was interesting (to say the least). This year's title was "Hedon XXI: Barely Legal". I can't believe that they've been doing that for so many years. Talk about stamina!

The last hashing entry I made was here.

If you don't know what hashing is, I'm sure you can find some posts that I've done previously that do a pretty good job of explaining it. It's really fun being in a situation where you can simply walk up to anybody and start a conversation with them and they will be happy to have it even if they don't know you.

This event had a lot of the same as the last one...
1. Merriment
2. The "A stranger is simply a friend you haven't met" philosophy
3. The drinking games
4. Some nudity (ALL on the part of others. I'm way too bashful for that kind of thing)
5. Trail
6. Trail injuries
7. Trail stories
8. Costumes
9. People making friends they'll keep in touch with forever
10. People making mistakes they'll regret forever (just ask "....... the wonder boy")
11. People wondering why someone like me would ever attend an event like that

I have the following comments to dispense about certain people.... (and names will be alterred to protect anonymity). ;)

  • Thanks to "Rockman" for the invite. A blast was had by all.
  • Again, my thanks go out to "Kitty" (hey....I ALTERRED it...don't complain!!). She is the epitomy of someone who knows how to bust out and have a good time while not sacrificing her sensibilities or altering her personality in the process (the latter of which irks me more than most other things on this earth). She's also a really good person. That's not a combination you run into every day. All of that, PLUS the ability to deal with me makes her the VIP of the party as far as I'm concerned.
  • To "Dr. Wench"....we may have had a sarcastically rocky start, but you turned out to be alright. Of course, that was mainly due to your ability to stroke my ego whenever I needed it in your attempts to make peace. ;) "Grape Ape" will be a happy guy.
  • To Dr. Wench's unbelievably self-focused sister (for whom I could not come up with a clever code name)....I would like to take you out to dinner the next time I see you.
  • To "Mamms" always, you are a very warm person (in the non-perverse context). You always know how to add the right kind of flavor to a situation. I'm glad I got to see you again. This certainly won't be the last time. :)

I don't know what people had a harder time believing....that I didn't actually drink or that a person's body could be THAT white underneath their shirt. I'm quite proud of my Hank Hill farmer's tan. BWAHAHAH!!!! :)

I learned something new about myself this weekend. I learned that there actually are situations where I will genuinely panic if I can't locate a way out. That kinda sucked, but at least it was short-lived. Muchas gracias to Tracy and Kitty for helping me through that one.

I'm tired and, although have much more to write, choose to stop now. I'm sure that pictures are sure to follow, so stay tuned! :)