Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pictures: This week in pictures

Wow. Enough said.

A lioness lovingly reminding her man that "no means no".

That's just WRONG!!!

What in the WORLD is he doing???

Sometimes, it amazes me that some people can't get along as well as these two.

I lack the words to describe this.

Tell me that that's not the ugliest dog you've ever seen!

Pictures: Dude loses a zillion pounds!

Now THIS is a demonstration in self-control and determination! This dude lost 186 kilos (410 lbs)! Check out those pictures! Granted...he'll probably never look like the normally slender person that I'm sure he wants to given his surgery and abuse that his body endured for so long, but still, he is a serious source of inspiration. Check this guy out!

Article: Unfortunately placed advertisements

Here's a pretty neat collection of unfortunately placed advertisements. The Yanni one is my favorite. I honestly didn't know that Yanni actually existed. I thought that he was some sort of social cliche that was simply used in conversation. I had no idea he was an ACTUAL singer. :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Picture: Sean Connery???

This has GOT to be the SCARIEST picture of Sean Connery that I have seen in my entire life!! 'Highlander' is forever ruined for me!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Entry: Again...apologies

Yes. Once again, I have been reminded that I have yet to post anything on here in a few weeks. Am I a slacker? Yep. Am I sometimes unmotivated? Yep. Do I procrastinate? Of course!

You all still love me anyway. ;) be honest, I wanted to spend less time posting useless things (like the ones right before this post) and start writing commentary on things that go on in my view of the world, politics, and the universe. The funny thing is that there's often an inverse proportion at any given time between my spurts of abstract pondering and my will to put finger to keyboard.

Yeah. I suck. I know. :)

Pictures: Huge house pets

What in the world is that woman feeding her cat???

Is that NOT the most muscular dog you have EVER seen in your entire life?

Article: How to kill bees efficiently

Have you ever had an unsightly hive of bees on your property? Are they creating an eye sore or stinging the children on a regular basis? Well're in for a treat! Here is a step-by-step process on how to fire-bomb those six-legged devils straight to Hades!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

P.S. You have the read the captions with the pictures. They're a trip!

Website: Think like a loser!

Click here if you've always wanted to memorize the 10-step guide to thinking like a loser! Now, YOU TOO can be as much of a loser as everyone else! ;)

Picture: What not to have on your resume

You really should check out this lawyer's advertisement from his firm. Check out the picture! LOL!