Monday, October 30, 2006

Entry: Long live Orwell!

This is one of those articles that I'm just going to let folks read for themselves. It makes me think of things like '1984' and 'V for Vendetta'. I'm in NO way saying that anyone is working toward the establishment of an orwellian society, but the fact remains that ANY administration wishing to do just that would have to take this as an initial step. It's the kind of REAL news that I wish networks would report on instead of trivial non-issues like Madonna's adopted son.

It's also interesting to mention that most people seem to forget that we are living in a union. Each state has it's own leadership, military, laws, taxes, supreme courts, and constitutions. I have no issues with a federal government per se, but it's very interesting how the federal and state governements are supposed to keep each other in check and how things would be effected if that protection were to erode.

Most interesting.

In a telling bit of understatement, the Senator from Vermont noted that "the implications of changing the (Posse Comitatus) Act are enormous". "There is good reason," he said, "for the constructive friction in existing law when it comes to martial law declarations. Using the military for law enforcement goes against one of the founding tenets of our democracy. We fail our Constitution, neglecting the rights of the States, when we make it easier for the President to declare martial law and trample on local and state sovereignty."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Entry: The house is back!

I just realized that there's a house that keeps re-ocurring in my dreams. It's not quite what I would classify as a mansion...but it is a REALLY big house. In my dreams, I recall that this house has a mystique about it....and aura of unrest, if you will (for lack of better words to use). Sometimes it's haunted, and sometimes it's simply uncomfortable to be in (for unknown reasons).

I remember, in the first dream in which this house appeared, that it was supposedly owned by distant relatives who had long since passed on. My mother was giving me a tour of it. I remembered thinking of what a cool house it was. The second dream was a tad more "lively". It involved zombies trying to kill me. Not exactly what I would call a nightmare, but definately one of those run-for-your-life dreams. ( The snake and shark dreams are the ones that I would classify as nightmares.) In the third dream (last night), the house was occupied by a family that was hosting a reunion. I was sneaking around the house, evading the inhabitants, in search of its mysteries (again, for lack of a better way to explain it).

These three dreams have absolutely nothing to do with one another. I do find it odd that the house is a constant though. Even the rooms are all the same! And, it's not like I've ever seen the house or anything. It's a totally randomly generated house. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering if there wasn't a fourth one. It seems to be just beyond my ability to reach it in my mind....just enough to know it's there but not to know what it was about. Weird? Of course! :)

I think that these three dreams have happened over the last 1.5 years, so it's not like I'm seeing that house every night or anything. Wouldn't it be weird to actually FIND a house that matched it by accident?! :)

[ maniacal laughter ensues ]

P.S. Hey....since when have MY posts ever been normal??? ;)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Entry: This morning

"Once upon a morning dreary, while I slacked off weak and weary,
Over many a TV show about history's forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some dude gently rapping, rapping at my house's door."

With all due respect to Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, I couldn't resist writing the above simply because I was able to see the Charleston Stage presentation of 'Nevermore' last night. It was absolutely glorious!!! It even had the screaching violin sound effects like they do in movies like 'The Exorcist'.

But, I digress. Indeed, there was a rapping on my front door this morning. I opened it to find a gentlemen dressed to the hilt (in a rather shocking electric-blue dress shirt and black tie). He said that he was delivering a "public service message" to the neighborhood.

So, at this point, I'm thinking "Oh lord....please, oh please, dear god....don't let this guy be on some politician's payrool. I have no desire to deal with that quagmire at the moment." The guy hands me a little pamphlet face-down and then proceeds to walk away (a tad more hastily than one would think).
I turned over the pamphlet only to find, to my greatest horror, that it was entitled "The End Is Near For False Religions".

I then let out a sigh and found myself thinking...."Why couldn't it have just been a politician."

So....before the gentleman had a chance to exit my property, I promptly call him back and ask him to take his pamphlet with him with the polite understanding that I wasn't interested. He thanked me for my time and wished me a good day. I wasn't trying to be rude by returning the material, but I wanted to negatively reinforce this guy's assumption that people don't mind propoganda visits at their residence.

Have you ever noticed how propoganda artists and solicitors almost ALWAYS try on the weekends? wasn't that early in the morning, but I do recall many occasions where I'll get the 8am call from some dumb company wanting to sell me something on a Saturday morning. I mean....after getting up at 6am ever work day, why would I POSSIBLY want to sleep in on the weekends?!?!

But, again, I digress. As always, I respect this guy his right to his beliefs. I also respect his right to buy space on a billboard or a TV commercial. Is there a reason that it HAS to be a personal visitation? It's almost as if they don't want to GIVE you the chance to ignore the billboard or fast-forward your Tivo through the TV commercial. I get the distinct impression that "Our message will be delivered whether you like it or not!"


I wonder how large of an army their group had out there scouring the neighborhoods this morning. Who knows...they might be in YOUR neighborhood as we speak! Lock your doors and keep both eyes on your kids at all times! They're coming!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Update: I went out to check the mail the same day and found a flier attached to my door from some guy who wants to be mayor. Ugh!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Article: How to steal an election

NOTE: Please don't assume that because I posted this technical article that I am reinforcing the theory that previous elections have been unlawfully stolen. I reserve all judgement.

This is a pretty interesting article. This guy takes a look at all of the popular players in the voting machine industry and some serious weaknesses in each of their products.

The cool thing is that he didn't write the article to try and teach people to be mischievous (sp?) - he wrote it so that the world would be forced to wake up and the industry would have no choice but to add further scrutiny to its products before election time.

Picture: For all you hardcore console gamers out there...

Entry: I have made some changes

Some minor changes have been made to the blog's theme. I wonder if anyone'll notice. ;)

The content seems to be a tad lacking at the moment. Rest assured that there is more yet to be added.

P.S. If you whine...I'm going to sick my pet opossum on you.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Entry: Argg!

Yes, my children. I haven't posted for a while. Is this my way of saying that I'm giving up the blog? Heck no! It's simply my way of saying that I haven't been motivated lately. :)

I am planning on doing some overhauls to the format of this page so hang around and see what happens.