Monday, March 10, 2008

Entry: My weekend in Savannah

So....this weekend was my first ever green dress run (as organized by the Savannah H3). I had a blast! It was an opportunity to see old friends and also to spend time with the ever so sexy emotional symbiote with whom I quartered (aka the woman). (which I'll take whenever I can get it).

Of course, there was the usual mix of fun, drunk people, confusion, debauchery, and loud noise at 4am. For me, this was the first time that a gay bar had ever been involved. It was called "Blaine's Backdoor Bar" and even had a big rainbow flag hanging from the canopy. You can't really get more obvious than that. Either the bar was just having a slow night or the owners foresaw the potential crowding issues and preemptively kept the patronage down that evening while awaiting our arrival. Of course, the few legitimately gay men non-hashers were looking around like..."WTF? Who are all these people???". Some really scary dude (who bore a painstaking resemblance to Borat) decided to cop a feel on me at one point. I blasted a few choice words his way and he quickly withdrew back into the masses without even making eye contact once. The old saying goes: "When in Rome, be like the romans". I knew that our 60+ crowd was in a gay bar and I should expect such things, but something like that is insulting no matter WHAT gender you are.

This particular trip included the usual bouts of drama. Thankfully, my exposure to it was quite minimal (and what little drama I did experience was simply out of curiosity). It's nice to have a fantastic woman at your side to keep things at bay.

As I have been known to do, I would like to leave a few simple words for some choice personnel who were in attendance. Of course, some names will be omitted.

  • To the organizers: Thank you for such a great time!
  • To "drunk bastard": You might want to re-think your priorities in life if you're just as plastered at 9am as you were the night before. Granted, it was a hash event, but even at the other events I've been to, no matter how tanked someone is the night before, they at least leave some room for recovery for the next day. You seemed to have an intravenous alcohol drip going the whole time. Also, no matter how kindly you meant them, dropping the f-bomb repeatedly to the cleaning staff and to little children is not a way to endear yourself to the locals.
  • To Amkneesia: I always love talking to you. I can never quite put my finger on it. :)
  • To my sweetie: You always know how to take a situation like this weekend and turn it into loads of fun. I'm glad you didn't let the layover in Dallas keep you away because you totally made my weekend (which I'm sure you easily could have done no matter what). To you and to all the things about you that have contributed so much joy to my life, I give you thanks and praise.
  • To Air Force girl with the cool eyes: It was great to meet you. I've come to implicitly trust my sweetie's judge-of-character and she never seems to disappoint.
  • To Hot Pocket: crack me up! :)
  • To my arch nemesis: Until the next chapter. I'll bring my death ray.
  • And last, but certainly not least, to the Coxen Hole hashers: "VIVA LA COXEN HOLE!!!!!!!!"
All in all, much fun was had and I look forward to the next event! I'm sorry that more of the Tampons didn't show up. *cough* *cough* VC *cough*. Anyhoo...hope to make it to Hedon this year. TTFN folks.

On On!