Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Entry: Diving Extravaganza this weekend

The International Diving Institute had its monthly Discover SCUBA event. I was fortunate to be accompanied by my sister (Michele), her husband (Brian), and my buddy Sean. We had a blast. The pictures came out pretty well.

My sister and I posing. Just FYI, this was my first time diving with this BC and thus my first time with the dreaded crotch strap. Fun, fun fun.

A picture of me taken from outside the tank. I actually stole this picture from here. Again...first time with this BC. I had enough attachment points on the thing but no clips or bungees to secure my hoses.

Michele and Brian just hanging out.

My sister doing a lap around the tank.



Some random kids who were watching us from outside the tank. I think they were scared of me.

Sean doing a very graceful ascent.

Michele doing a back flip.

Brian chillax'in on the bottom.

Brian doing a descent.

"'ve something on your face...right here..."

Brian climbing out of the tank.

Michele practicing her power squats for Terry (one of the instructors).

A shot of Brian from outside the tank.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Entry: The Napster Effect

This image is hilarious, if not a bit sad as well. I suggest you take the time to click on it and read it up close. It's in response to the public outcry stemming from Netflix's recent subscription changes.

This story hearkens back to the time when Napster decided that their only chance for survival was to go "legit". Remember those days? :)

(The following story is fictitious, of course. I've never been one to pirate music.)

Oh yes...I remember it like it was yesteryear. I'm working on finishing up my undergraduate studies and someone comes in to tell me about this awesome new program called "Napster". "It's all your favorite songs for free, man!". And yes, it was. It was one of the few times when something that was too good to be true actually turned out to be true. "Thank you, Napster!" friends would say as they found all of the songs that were nigh impossible to find in stores or online anymore. Heck...they even found songs that were impossible to find due to their lack of syndication. Everything from obscure cult-classic 70's songs to a riff that they heard on a random episode of 'TJ Hooker'. After a while, I read stories on Slashdot about how Napster was besieged by the music industry and how the barbarians were knocking furiously at the gate. Nobody ever asked them to fight for our so-called "right" to anonymously download music, but they did nonetheless. The battle waged for years and (after pulling every legal trick in the book to keep their services up and running) in the end, Napster found itself at the end of the plank that it had been forced to walk. The choice was now very simple... acquiesce, or jump into the shark-infested waters below.

I remember reading all of the op-eds and random Slashdot articles about how Napster had "sold out" and how "Hell NO...I will NEVER pay for music again!". Napster...the force of change that had altered the music industry forever and for several years provided anonymous, subscription-less music downloads...was now seen as the bad guy and subsequently abandoned under the banner of disillusion.

Netflix is just an other random and somewhat more trivial example of the "Napster effect"...a reminder that people can sometimes get too accustomed to things that are "too good to be true" so that when they are NO LONGER true, they are more than willing to look that gift horse in the mouth.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Entry: Quote of the day

"You can always count on a liar to lie to you."

~ me