Friday, December 31, 2010

Pics: Scary muscle people!

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Give us a hug!

The smile that sank a thousand ships.

How does this chair not collapse??

Lots and lots of veins!

It amazes me me that a person can do this to their body without actually changing the shape of the skeleton underneath it. Seriously...try to imagine this dude's skeleton underneath this mass. How does it work??

Friday, December 24, 2010

Post: My new month's resolutions and wishes

Why "new month's" and not "new year's", you ask? Because I'm a realist. :)

It has been a long year and, as with all before it, I have learned a lot. With the things that I have learned I have also been reminded of a few lessons long past that burn just as much today as they did the first time that I had to learn them. Instead of letting this preface turn into a monologue, I'm simply going to jump right into it. :)

The selfish things for myself:

  1. I wish for a steadfast resolve with school. The current pace (or lack thereof) is eroding my resolve like a geologic process.
  2. As with all previous years, I wish for a better understanding of the role(s) that the universe will have me play. I have several small roles that I play, but have yet to find the really big one yet. Tangent to that is the regret that I have in having to forsake my volunteer positions for school. I miss serving my community.
  3. The ability not to wear my feelings on my sleeve. If there's one thing I would change, it's that. As with most other people, I should be afforded the luxory of presenting a different face to the world than that of what is in my head at the time. I have a visceral malcontent for people who can do that so effortlessly. :)
  4. To never disappoint any who rely on me.

Things that I wish for other people in my life:

  1. For those who love me and don't understand me, I wish for patience and tolerance. It will "click"...I promise.
  2. For those who are in need of help, to reach out. An e-mail, forum post, text message, phone call, dinner, or visit, whatever. I'm awful at keeping in touch. This doesn't preclude my being there when I'm needed, though.

Things that I wish for the world:

  1. More tolerance
  2. Much more empathy
  3. The jaws-of-life to break the chains keeping the collective hive mind from opening