Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Well....a new year is upon us. I'm currently in Tampa and about to undertake the inevitable return to Charleston. I will be starting a new job in a few days. Excited about it? Not as much as I could be, but it's a job, nonetheless.

I s'pose that I should make a list of the new year's resolutions. I can't recall if I typically did this in the past, but it never hurts to write them down, I guess. :)

Actually, I'm going to compile two separate lists. One will be for the actual goals that I will work on and the other will be for things that I would *like* to work on but very likely won't.

The goals:
  1. Fix my body. This actually has two components. Firstly, I have a bad shoulder and a bad knee. Time to get off my rear and get them fixed. Secondly, I've become so sedentary that I'm actually ashamed of myself. Things need to change.
  2. Consolidate my communications infrastructure. I currently have four different phone numbers (don't ask) and it drives me just as crazy as those who have to call them. Time to dump three of them.
  3. Figure out whether I'm going to stay in my house or not. If not, then take definitive steps in that direction.
  4. Take a more proactive role in my industry. If I'm going to do it, then I'd might as well own it.
  5. Travel more for leisure. This is, of course, completely contingent on work and finances allowing.
  6. Start saying "yes" more often and stop being such a reserved wuss. There's no harm in trying new things and taking a few risks now and then
The runners-up:
  1. Keep in better touch with friends. I suck at this tremendously. This is also somewhat coupled to #6 above.
  2. Work harder in school. I'd like to say that this was going to be definite, but, to be honest, my will is wavering at the moment and I'm debating taking the next semester off.
  3. Actually show my important friends how much they mean to me. I consider this to currently be a personality flaw on my part.
  4. Be better at checking my mail. I hate snail mail.

I'll see what I can do to keep everyone in the loop regarding how this is going. :)