Friday, November 23, 2007

Article: "Without String, There is Chaos"

(For the title reference, read previous post.)

"Why is it that once we become adults, we become so serious all the time (generally speaking). We get so caught up in the hectic race of everyday life that we forget that we are here to experience joy, to experience Life. We forget to smile and enjoy the beauty of the present moment. I notice that I fall into the many demands of my life story. Recently, I have gotten so busy that a week can pass without realizing. I don’t get the chance to slow down once to reflect and to be present. I seem to fall into the pattern of constantly living in the future, running after that next goal or achieving that next task on my never-ending list of Todos."

Click here to read the entire article.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Entry: It's OUR turn


"Because we're grown-ups now. And it's our turn to decide what that means."

To me, that is an exceptionally profound statement. I've noticed that the author of the xkcd webcomic has an unbelievable knack for plucking those odd strings in my head that seem to serve no other purpose than to make me want to climb tall buildings and, in my loudest voice, ask the world what is wrong with it.

There's an old saying...."Without string, there is chaos". I've heard several different interpretations of that adage and also several different theories regarding the source. Here's what it means to me...

String represents the simple, unambiguous, and selfless joys that are brought to us as children. Many an adult would just as soon step on a butterfly than to take the time to crouch down and spend the requisite thirty minutes required to stare at the creature in utter curiosity and amazement. It seems like age brings with it the indefatigable erosion of that little piece of us that only needs the slightest catalyst to launch a full-scale assault of the human imagination. The chaos I speak of are the multitudes of people out there who simply aren't "interested" unless life is brought to them in digital, high-def, 128-bit, 3-D, Dolby surround sound. To those people, I can only say this: go look up at the clear night sky sometime.

I had more to say on this topic but I can't remember what it was. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Image: So true!!

As much as I dislike putting profanity in my posts, the insert below had to be posted and would have lost 75% of it's potency had it been censored. I really must admit that whomever came up with the idea of paper beating rock should be forced to spend eternity chasing an ant around a Moebius Strip.

Entry: Today's quote

"Maybe the tyranny of Murphy is the penalty for hubris."


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Picture: When taking pictures, a flash can make all the difference

One of the things that I hate about digital photography is the amount of attention one has to pay to the shutter (sp?) speed of the camera in question. I've noticed that pictures often come out blurry when done with enough lighting. For whatever reason, longer exposures are used in such cases. That is why I'm fond of using a flash even when it isn't required. The exposure is synced to the flash and thus rarely ever comes out blurry. Here is one such example of how a flash on a camera can make all the difference.

Picture: No explanation required

Article: The most popular Xmas toys in 1985

Ahhhh. Good ol' nostalgia! This list really brought back some memories! Is it sad that I can remember most of these? Is it sad to remember a time when 99% of all toys had absolutely nothing to do with Japanime or anything Japan-related? Then again...isn't that the year that Nintendo released its first console?

Article: Dude...your wife is such a dog! this guy in India married a dog. I honestly didn't think that that was legal ANYWHERE! :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Entry: Pedestrians suck!!

Maybe it's just a Charleston thing, but has anyone else noticed a significant irreverence on the part of pedestrians in today's streets? Now, I don't know what today's whipper snappers were taught growing up, but in my day, it was as simple as this....

"Roads are for cars. Sidewalks and yards are for people. People can be in roads, but not when there are cars there."

Seems simple enough...right? Unfortunately, no. Nowadays, the street is seen simply as an extension of the sidewalk. Vehicles are merely guests on the asphalt and are expected to walk on eggshells so as to not disrupt the local neighborhood basketball game or child playing hop scotch.

I think I'm losing touch with the times. Maybe I should move back to Saudi. :)

Entry: The weekend

I just got back from a walk and my hands are frozen nearly stiff. I've never actually tried to type with frozen hands. It's....difficult. :)

What have I done this weekend? Well....I spent some time re-building an older computer of mine. I've turned it into a dedicated Windows machine (irk!). Just to give you some kind of an idea how much I like Windows, I upgraded this one to XP. Why have I done this? Because I really haven't had a decent machine to play games on in a while. Doom 3 is working like a champ, but FEAR blows chunks (in the shape of superfluous polygons) all over the place. I REALLY must be getting old because I asked for the AGP version of a video card at a local store and they sneered at me and said that it'll be difficult to find a high-end card these days with a little ol' AGP 8x interface. Actually, what's really sad is that my mobo only supports 4x. What's worse, is that the card that I bought hangs the machine if I don't keep it in 2x mode. Woe is me! Actually, this particular card has a pretty nice GPU so the bus between the mobo and the GPU doesn't need to be all that huge. I've been getting my Doom3 1280x1024 in ultra-tight graphics mode groove on. Perhaps I should think about buying a game that was actually released within the last 3 years. :)

That's pretty much been the extent of my weekend. That, napping, and reading. I'm rarely motivated to go out when I have a project to work on. Of course, what sucks is when I work on those projects and forsake all of the REAL stuff that I'd really like to get done. I guess you could cal lit a form of productive procrastination.

On a lighter note, the Fanchers (aka my sister and her family) are now, again, full-time Charleston residents again. Yay!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Entry: Yet another day day today was....interesting. Here is the abridged version.

-- Felt extreme appreciation for the co-worker with whom I got in an argument yesterday. It's nice to work with fairly mature people at least ONCE in one's life.

-- Realized how dumb my ex-girlfriend is. I'm usually not one to gripe, but this conclusion was very liberating. I know I'm going to look back on this post and slap my own hand for writing something as derogatory as that, but I'm in the mood at the moment.

-- Went to get my hair cut. Here's the funny thing...someone recently convinced me that things aren't always going to go as badly as I fear they will. I agreed with them. So today, I trot into the Hair Cuttery. The next beautician in line takes me back and sits me in my little twirly chair. I'm noticing that she's going very slowly and being very meticulous. I then see her NEWLY-ISSUED license on the wall and her hand-written business cards on the counter. I then realize that this girl is new. So, I asked. She said she was and that today was her first day of work after beautician school. I started to tremble a tad. But then, I think to myself...."Why the heck are you worrying? Don't worry unless there's something to actually worry about." So I breathed a sigh of relief and took great comfort in my newly-found relaxation. About two minutes later, I hear...."Ohhhhhhhh.......". I took a gander in the mirror and sure enough, there it was - the nearly-bald patch on my head. Son-of-a-....!!!!!! that moment, all of the other ladies rushed to her aid and started working on my head. It was a very intricate ballet. She kept apologizing profusely. I asked her..."How did you feel in the first second after you realized that you'd given me that bald spot?". She answered...."I felt....I STILL feel awful!!". To that I said...." learned everything you possibly could and felt every bad feeling that you could feel in that first second. If I was mad at you, it wouldn't do me any good and it certainly wouldn't add to any lessons which I knew you'd already learned. Accidents happen." Long story short, I paid full price, gave her a whopping tip, and have a wonderful little white patch on the top-side of my head. Son-of-a....!!!!

-- whatever reason, the NRA has decided to induct me into their ranks and I received my membership card in the mail. WTF????? It even has the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution printed on the back! The cherry on top of it all is that I'm apparently now receiving magazines about high-powered assault rifles to go along with my shiny new membership! Again...WTF????

--Define hilarity....HILARITY - the feeling one has when watching a male dog that is tied to a tree by a ten-foot line while in the presence of a female dog in heat that is standing eleven feet from that tree. I felt SOOOOOO sorry for that dog! God bless the oposable thumb!!

-- Found out how badly our HOA is screwing us.

-- There's more...I'm just not remembering it.

Entry: The "Click Factor"

I could have sworn that I did a post on this at some point in the life of this blog. However, for the life of me, I can't find it! it is per a friend's request.

What is "the click factor"? A wise (wo)man recently worded it so eloquently when she discussed how logic need not apply when emotion is involved. Truer words were never spoken.

The click factor is that little variable that exists between two people that is absolutely impossible to define and most often extremely difficult to nail down. You can try to write down all of the criteria and parameters that you would like your perfect mate to fit into. may even find such a person. That doesn't mean that you'll love them, though. Here's a little secret - ALL OF IT IS WORTH EXACTLY BUNK!

In my humbled 30-year-old opinion, it doesn't matter how much in common you have with someone. It also doesn't matter how much you don't have in common, differences in personal habits, financial situations, yada yada yada. The "click" exists independently of any parameters you can create for yourself.

I found myself extremely taken with a girl a couple years back. She was a very devout Catholic and we really didn't have much in common at all. Afterward, I kept telling myself that there was no way in Hades that it could have ever worked. And, you know what? I was right. BUT......that doesn't mean that I still didn't yearn for her. What was the reason? Who knows. Some things are best not understood.

29 dimensions of compatibility my butt!

Monday, October 29, 2007

More about yesterday

So...yesterday, I ate this WHOLE box of Nutty bars and it was SOOOOOOO good!! I can still feel that chocolaty goodness gurgling around in my stomach as we speak!!

And now that I've relocated the pile of junk that I had in the back of my car to the house, I feel SOOOO much more awesome!!!!


(If you don't understand the point of this post, don't worry about it. You're not meant to.)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am but a slave

What is this FOUL hold that fatty foods have over me???????
I really, I swear, think I have a minor eating disorder. I go through serious phases of not being able to say 'no' to a chocolate bar. I just scarfed down an entire box of Nutty Bars (the devil's food!!) and I'm wallowing in guilt at the moment. And it's not just one...nooooo! Can't have just one!! Why in the heck did I end up buying that BowFlex last month?? AARRGGG!!!!

My co-workers are constantly teasing me about it too. I wish I'd just develop a horrible case of diabetes or something so that I'd have no choice but to eat well under penalty of death.

Why any woman ever wants me is sometimes beyond my comprehension given the way that I eat. I've even contemplated the shaming approach. This would entail my taking periodic pictures of myself and posting them for the world to see, thus shaming myself into eating consistently well. Slavery by guilt.

I once knew someone who hated to eat. Seriously...she truly disliked it! To her, it was an act of maintenance...nothing else. She saw it more as a daily inconvenience. Why couldn't I be so fortunate? :)


I have only recently realized just how BORING my blog has been since I started it. It's funny that I can post my deepest thoughts on something when and where they strike. But, after taking some time to read over another friend's blog over the last week, I find that I am really, truly, ultimately, undeniable, inalienably, BORING!

It's unbelievable how some people can take anything...whether it be joy, sorry, amazement, boredom, or whatever...and completely spin it into literary gold on their blog. Apparently, that ability has skipped my branch in the family tree.

So...what the heck have I done this weekend? I haven't really done anything new.

Thursday night was spent with the pagans. As always, an interesting group. They discussed various religions' views of the afterlife (or lack thereof) and then later regaled each other with personal ghost stories. I can honestly say that these people are either VERY sensitive to the supernatural, exaggerating, or my life is seriously dull (like this

Friday was a night out with Wicke and his clan (that's clan with a "c"). They went out to see a movie...I forget it's name. It's the one with poster of the 40 year-old virgin laying his head on a stack of pancakes. I, instead, opted to skip out on that and run over to see '30 Days of Night'. It's not what I would consider to be a cinematic masterpiece of any kind, but it did somewhat satisfy the horror gods that lurk in my subconscious for the next week or so.

I cleaned out the back seat of my car Saturday morning. How significant is that? Put it this was about a 4-hour endeavor. Ick. I think I counted a total of 12 water bottles. Wow! Of course, there wasn't anything in the back seat itself. It was all on the floor in front of it. And, of course, over time, the stuff tends to creep up under the front seats and then also compresses. It's AMAZING just how much junk can fit in there!!

Saturday is a hashing day! It was yet another run for the Charleston Happy Heretics. I felt sorry for the hares. They spent hours laying an awesome trail, and then only 4 people showed up to run it. Of course, we also had a couple of auto-hashers too. During the on-after, I ended up stuffing myself to the brim with chicken wings (if you could have even considered them to be wings...they were huge!!).

Running home to grab a quick nap, I was then ready to head to the American Theater downtown to help the Charleston Stage folk tear down the set that they had erected for the showing of 'Tick Tick Boom'. I also had the opportunity to scrutinize one of the volunteers about her dating life. What is it about harassing others about their love life makes me feel so much better? ;)

Oh...had a conversation with an ex-girlfriend today. Talk about overdue. It's been 10 months since we broke up and we FINALLY had the talk about it today. How whack is that??

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Entry: For lack of better words

So, I was recently confronted with the concept of "Purpose & Perpetual Forward Motion". A VERY interesting read.



Purpose ranges from short to long term and so long as you aren't doing anything that has no purpose….

A few examples (my kids are the easiest – they are the clearest and most important things in my life):

I play games with my kids at least one night a week. Short term – just having fun. Long term – giving them a foundation of love, laughter and togetherness to build on.

My son cooks one night a week (at least, he actually now likes to do it more often). Short term – I get a night off. Long term – I'm teaching him how to be alone and fend for himself, something I learned the hard way.

I go dancing a lot. Short term – sweat, don't think about work, spend time with friends. Long term – free up some space on the hard drive to deal with larger more important things. They always look different when you come back to them.

I let them make their own mistakes and share mine with them when appropriate – and discuss them afterwards. Short term – development of autonomy. Long term – on the day I'm not there, they will know they can make their own decisions wisely.

I make an effort to do things with them I don't like that I know they do. Short term – they get so happy!! Long term – I'm teaching them to accept other people for what and who they are – even if it is different from them.

I write. Short term – mental escape, articulation of things that are jumbled up in my brain. Long term – when I'm gone, and someday I will be, my children will be able to know their mother and what drove her. Some things aren't acceptable to tell them right now, they're children. But if I'm not here on the day that they are ready, they can still know. They can know what happened, where I was, how my love for them never faltered. How I made mistakes, and survived and was never perfect (actually I make sure they know that now, being human instead of ruling with the iron fist makes them more likely to approach me when they haven't behaved in a perfect manner and be more understanding of when I make mistakes.) Most importantly – how I wasn't sure on so many days whether I was raising and taking care of them or the other way around. Something they SO need to know, but not right now. There's a ton that goes with that one.

Everything I do has a purpose – without purpose, why would you do it? Someone else expects you to? It's the norm? It's socially acceptable? It's a dream someone else planted in your head?

It's awfully egocentric, but it's your life, why wouldn't you be egocentric?

I read…

I care…

I talk…

I lay on the couch like a vegetable and do nothing…

I try to shove my house over…. (really, you should see me do it to get the full impact!)

I run…

I play…

I laugh…

I cry…

I…. everything.

If you can't figure out your motivation, you probably shouldn't be doing it. Once you've pinpointed your motivation on the big aspects of your life, the little ones come easy – but make a bigger difference to you. And then once you've done it, you can really say you did something just because it felt good. And it will – feel good, I mean. Eventually you stop wondering – why am I doing this? Is this all there is? Why can't I be as happy as the people around me? Why am I here? What am I fighting for? What comes next? Is there more?

Perpetual forward motion

You change every day in little ways, sometimes in big ways. Every once in a while – sometimes lots in a while if you've made a bad assessment of your purpose (!!!! – see sad eyes), it's necessary to go back to step one and reevaluate the purpose behind what you are doing. Do you still like it? Are you doing it now because it's a habit or because you enjoy it? Are you asking yourself those questions again?

Some days, I want to dance and have fun. Others I want to be alone and brood in the bathtub for two hours. Nothing wrong with either of those, both have a purpose…. But why am I doing it? Is it the same reason I did it before? If not, it may be time to reevaluation the action. (ok, admittedly this was a really crappy example, told you the kids were the easiest.)

That would be when you are feeling down, sad, empty.. etc.

And especially when you are feeling happy – ask yourself why are you happy? If people put nearly as much time into deciphering the motivation behind their happiness as they do into figuring out what went wrong or why they aren't happy, they could figure out what triggered it and have repeat occurrences. On purpose. Wouldn't you much rather be happy? Isn't that much more worthy of your time (and doesn't it feel so freaking much better?)

- Bonesucker

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Entry: My first hash cruise

Ah yes. Yet another hashing event come and gone. This was my very first cruise - let alone my very first hash at sea. As always, the hash was an absolute BLAST. Unfortunately it was the first time that I'd been outside of the country in 20 years. Pathetic...I know. I've resolved to not let as much time go by until the next time. Will I be on the list for next year's cruise? ABSOLUTELY!

As so often happens after I return from an event with Mike, I find that I'm a slightly different person. I met so many wonderful people and did so many wonderful things. It really is a treat to be able to hang out with people who's ideas of fun are so unconventional and yet so accepting. It was one of those moments in time where I had the chance to live someone else's life and keep all the memories from it.

And, as so often happens, I think that I will be feeling the effects of this event for weeks to come. I'm sure that some of the people will have affected me indefinitely. Some more than others. I learned a new pearl of wisdom from someone whom I found to be deceptively wise for her time. Now, whenever I face something that petrifies me, I will most likely be thinking to myself...."If you're not scared, then it's not brave". This person was quite a find. She was an amalgam of a hasher, a soldier, a mother, a teacher, a leader, and so many other things that I am not. On the outside, one would see an ordinary person. But to look in her eyes at the right time, one would see experience, endlessness, depth, confidence....and so much more of the universe.

It's amazing how the "craziest" people can sometimes be the most compassionate. Beneath the facade of partying, drunkenness, and absolute hedonism, there was the aura of a group that would do anything to help each other in times of need. Fortunately, it wasn't needed much on this trip, but I could still tell it was there. It's one of the most surprising attributes of a hasher that I have experienced.

To the following people, I leave...
  • Kiddie - much love and affection. She is the greatest host/listener that you will ever have the privilege of meeting.
  • TMDD - the usual - unlimited thanks and a good swift kick in the rear until the next time I see him.
  • The karaoke girl - the very best of luck on her upcoming career in England
  • Atilla - The hot Hungarian chick that I certainly HOPE you didn't let slip through your fingers!
  • Fuzzy - A walk around the deck of any ship at sunrise
  • Ear Muff - All the pumpkin soup and back rubs your heart could ever desire. Thank you for caring.
  • Goo S. - All the YooHoo you could ever drink (or give to me) ;)
  • Doo Doo - An Oscar
  • Caption Jerk - A "bloody good screw"
  • The guy who made up my room every day - A great origami book and endless Carnival chocolates
  • Bone S.- a little piece of me

Top 10 favorite things list...
  • "Tandem zip lining" (Was that actually ME????)
  • The desk (don't ask)
  • 7:00am trans-substantial conversations with Fuzzy over a hot plate of pseudo-eggs and scrapple
  • Kiddie's gold coin game (I'm still owed some favors, too)
  • Bone sucker, aka Bone Thruster, aka Bone Stripper, aka Rod Licker, aka Bone Humper, aka Bone Teaser, etc...
  • Goo Swallows hand-feeding the Honduran driver some cheesy poofs, Munchies, and Family Cookies (The mommies were the best!!). She was also the best YooHoo server ever!
  • "Sing me a song, Karaoke Girl..." "...and we're all in the mood, for a bloody good screw..."
  • "This is a group-participation song. Are there any children here? If so...leave now."
  • "Thank you, pumpkin."
  • Watching Dirty Sanchez dodge other vehicles while Guido the Killer Pimp opens beer with his teeth. thanks, my love, and maybe my firstborn. ;)


Friday, October 12, 2007

Picture: The good reverend

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm NOT RACIST. But, then again, I don't exactly care much for the good Reverend. Therefore, I find this somewhat hilarious. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

PIcture: Story of my life

Yep. This sounds like me alright. :)

Image: Spiritual Safety Tip

This is just TOO funny!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Basic words of wisdom

So, there's an old adage that I've been using a lot lately. The source of this tidbit of wisdom may not be very conventional, but I do have to give credit to the Klingons for coming up with it. :) (And yes....I *am* a nerd)

"Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory. Ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat."

Makes sense to me. How about you?

I find it interesting that a purely fictional race could really live by something so profound. They recognize that any victory (or perceived victory) really isn't a victory at all if it ends up destroying the invaders. What good is pushing a campaign towards an unforeseeable end when the good of the homeland is in serious jeopardy because of it (regardless of the motives)? That is, of course, a purely rhetorical question.

This week in pictures...

This is just WRONG! (but funny)


Hey...can't blame them for creative advertising! :)

Other people tend to shy away trying to set such examples for others. I, the great Darwin Avenger, think otherwise!

That is a really neat idea for dog house, IMHO. The dog's just pokin' its head out and being like..."doo-dee-doo".

You messes with Kung Fu Cat!!

25 Rules to Grow Rich By

Here is an interesting list of things that one can use to gauge whether or not they are compartmentalizing their finances correctly. It really doesn't have much to do with the classic notion of "growing rich". I typically shy away from articles like this because they're usually full of useless, non-sensical, or obvious tidbits such as "always balance your checkbook" or "make sure to pay bills on time". I actually had the calculator out as I was reading this one.

24 Warning Signs You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Here is a list of 24 things that you should have checked out ASAP if you experience.
It's a basic list of bodily symptoms and what the potential causes are. Sounds like sage advice to me. Then again, I'm a closet hypochondriac.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pictures: This week in pictures

Wow. Enough said.

A lioness lovingly reminding her man that "no means no".

That's just WRONG!!!

What in the WORLD is he doing???

Sometimes, it amazes me that some people can't get along as well as these two.

I lack the words to describe this.

Tell me that that's not the ugliest dog you've ever seen!

Pictures: Dude loses a zillion pounds!

Now THIS is a demonstration in self-control and determination! This dude lost 186 kilos (410 lbs)! Check out those pictures! Granted...he'll probably never look like the normally slender person that I'm sure he wants to given his surgery and abuse that his body endured for so long, but still, he is a serious source of inspiration. Check this guy out!

Article: Unfortunately placed advertisements

Here's a pretty neat collection of unfortunately placed advertisements. The Yanni one is my favorite. I honestly didn't know that Yanni actually existed. I thought that he was some sort of social cliche that was simply used in conversation. I had no idea he was an ACTUAL singer. :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Picture: Sean Connery???

This has GOT to be the SCARIEST picture of Sean Connery that I have seen in my entire life!! 'Highlander' is forever ruined for me!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Entry: Again...apologies

Yes. Once again, I have been reminded that I have yet to post anything on here in a few weeks. Am I a slacker? Yep. Am I sometimes unmotivated? Yep. Do I procrastinate? Of course!

You all still love me anyway. ;) be honest, I wanted to spend less time posting useless things (like the ones right before this post) and start writing commentary on things that go on in my view of the world, politics, and the universe. The funny thing is that there's often an inverse proportion at any given time between my spurts of abstract pondering and my will to put finger to keyboard.

Yeah. I suck. I know. :)

Pictures: Huge house pets

What in the world is that woman feeding her cat???

Is that NOT the most muscular dog you have EVER seen in your entire life?

Article: How to kill bees efficiently

Have you ever had an unsightly hive of bees on your property? Are they creating an eye sore or stinging the children on a regular basis? Well're in for a treat! Here is a step-by-step process on how to fire-bomb those six-legged devils straight to Hades!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

P.S. You have the read the captions with the pictures. They're a trip!

Website: Think like a loser!

Click here if you've always wanted to memorize the 10-step guide to thinking like a loser! Now, YOU TOO can be as much of a loser as everyone else! ;)

Picture: What not to have on your resume

You really should check out this lawyer's advertisement from his firm. Check out the picture! LOL!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Website: My accent

Not that I consider myself to actually HAVE an accent, but here's a site that will tell you which American English accent you have. Here are my results...

Article: Pi = 3.00

This is a most interesting article. Apparently, in the bible (in the book of Kings, to be precise), there is a reference to the creation of a circular object with a diameter and circumference that suggests that pi actually is equal to 3.00 exactly.

I think it's time to round up all of the 3.14 heretics and burn them at the stake! ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pictures: Fox News throughout history

If you've ever wondered what it would have been like to have the Fox News channel report on some of the more famous events in history, now is the time for your dreams to come true! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Website: Can you spot the fake smiles?

Here's a nifty website that allows you to see just how good you are at spotting fake smiles. Per the site....

"Most people are surprisingly bad at spotting fake smiles. One possible explanation for this is that it may be easier for people to get along if they don't always know what others are really feeling.

Although fake smiles often look very similar to genuine smiles, they are actually slightly different, because they are brought about by different muscles, which are controlled by different parts of the brain."

I scored a 17/20. I rock!

Article: Adam Does Dallas

Oh...this is just TOO precious. Apparently, the actor that they have portraying Adam at the new creationism museum is a porn star. BWAHAHHAHAA!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pictures: A couple cute images

Anybody who's ever been on a roller coaster with me KNOWS that whatever that little girl is feeling right now is the same thing that I feel whenever I get on one of those contraptions. :)

McDonald's has reached Africa.