Sunday, December 24, 2006

Entry: Common sense is extinct

So, I was reading through some random web stuff, completely minding my own business, when BAM! I run into this article. It talks about the new class action lawsuit against Nintendo for their new product. I've known about this issue for about a week now but was avoiding commenting on it. I particularly love this quote....

“Owners of the Nintendo Wii reported that when they used the Nintendo remote and wrist strap, as instructed by the material that accompanied the Wii console, the wrist strap broke and caused the remote to leave the user's hand,” Green Welling said.

I'm pretty sure that, if knives came with straps, the manufacturer would get sued every time someone got cut.

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Wicke said...

The author of that article is a moron. I'm pretty sure that the remote leaving the users hand causes the wrist strap to break, not the way he explains it. In any case, if Nintendo had not even included the strap, there would be no case. They would just chalk it up to players being idiots. But since, Nintendo was nice enough to include a strap, the lawyers felt compelled to try and roast them for it. Lame.