Thursday, September 18, 2008

My first classes at Nova

Well....sorry it's been so long. Since I took the time to write such a lengthy post regarding whether or not I should attend Nova (see last post), I figured I should at least share some of the pictures that I took of my first trip down there this last weekend. I was actually VERY impressed with the facilities.

A picture of part of Nova from the air. Interestingly enough, the land used to be the site of a large circular runway that the USN/USMC used back during WWII to test aviator skills. You can see the remnants of the airstrip. Flight 19 took off from this very runway the day they disappeared into history.

Yeah. Weird. I know.

That is a really cool aquarium. It's in the cafeteria.

A random shot of the campus from a window.

This is a really bad@$$ building-sized portrait that someone did. Apparently, it was inspired by the Marine Biology folks.

The outside of the gym facility. I'll have to visit this place next time.

The cafeteria. Kinda reminds me of one of those uber food courts that you see in some airports. It's completely stocked.

The doors to the 'Flight Deck'. This is a kind of social club with a bar.

This is the inside of the University Center. It houses the gym, cafeteria, Flight Deck, stadium, etc.

A random monolith in the library.

A random glass garden inside the library.

Here is a little shrine that they built to commemorate the visit of the Dalai Lama (sp?) a few years back.

This is the Carl DeSantis. This is where my classes and orientation were.

This must be for the medical nerds.

I thought this was kinda funny.

This is the outside of the University Center.

This is the inside of the Carl DeSantis building.

Some random indian dude.

My classroom.


Michael Christensen said...

your never going to want to come home

Jason C. Miller said...

Nah. It's humid as hell down in Ft. Losterdale. That says a lot coming from a Charlestonian. :)

Adnan Masood's Data Mining Readings said...

Great photos Jason. It's Carl DeSantis by the way :)

Jason C. Miller said...

Yeah. I knew I'd misspelled it. However, given the amount of reading I'd already done that day, the last thing I felt like doing was looking it up. :)

santa_anna said...

Woof woof woof, you lucky dog. I miss you, and hope you find time to let yourself have some fun dude. You need to remember us back here, those of us unedumacated with PHDs. By the way, what year will you run for president?
xxoo Your friend forever Jason, Annie

Jason C. Miller said...

Ummm...sweetie...I haven't moved. I still work in the same building as you. ;)

mblitch said...

Sounds like it'll be quite the experience. Can you get me some cool drugs once you have that degree and become Dr. Miller? Nothing serious, just some of the fun ones!