Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Entry: Hello everyone!

Hello and good day! Many have been asking (more like complaining) about my blog and why I haven't updated it in a while. Well...I've recently lost interest in the media. Don't worry....it's just one of those mood swings that everyone goes through every once in a while. I haven't even been reading the news every day like I usually do (which is where I get a lot of the material for this blog). No cnn.com. No msnbc.com. no google news. No fark.com. (sigh). It'll all pick back up one of these days. ;)

I do have some rather exciting news (well...at least *I* think it's exciting). My friend Tracy has moved to SC from Conn. I had my first visit with her up in Columbia this last weekend. Good times were had by all. We watched a couple of movies.

The first movie was 'Underworld 2'. Rule number 1....try not to let your sequals be as bad as this one was. Rule number 2....make sure that the person that you're seeing it with has seen the first one. I give it a 6 out of 10 stars. Blah. At least all the main characters came back for it. Even the ones who died off in the first movie came back to do flashbacks and cameos in the second. Other than that, I think the story was a joke. What I'd like to know is this....if Celine became a super vampire after drinking the blood of the oldest immortal and Michael was a super hybrid (being half werewolf and half vampire), what happens when they mate? Do they conceive Godzilla or something?

The second movie we saw was was 'Firewall'. I rather enjoyed this movie (which is surprising since Tracy actually picked it). ;) I give it 8 out of 10 stars. As for technical details, I'm kinda up in the air about that aspect. They used some good techno-speak in the movie which sounded legit. For instance, in the beginning, Harrison Ford's character uses a terminal screen to add/modify a router access rule to block out some would-be cracker(s). Of course, the scene was so fast that I didn't get a chance to view it all for a total analysis. Unfortunately, a secondary character had to add some BS line about "Wow...that would eliminate false positives too!!". (barf). I also like the way that he removed the scanning filament from a fax machine and hooked it up to his daughter's IPOD and then scanned a database record dump as it scrolled up the terminal. However, he was kind enough to add the fact that he would use some OCR software to later get the data from the image that was captured. They had a habit of mixing really good techno kung fu with some really bad. Blah. Good movie though. It was right there in the same line as Ford's role in 'Airforce One'. Same type of role. Same type of situation.

Also, this weekend, Tracy, Katie, Myself, and some of Katie's friends went to a "tupperware" party. It was interesting. It was the first party of its kind that I can honestly say that I've ever been to. Let's just say that certain "tupperware" can be used to scratch backs and comb hair.

I also ended up buying about $50 worth of those Magnetix toys that I like so much. Those things are so cool. They're like legos, but kewl in a different way.

I went to a lecture last night at the 2nd Presbyterian (sp?) church downtown. It was concerning the whole evolution/intelligent design issue. Unfortunately, the first hour was spent discussing the personal histories of EVERYONE even remotely connected to evolution. So, after the first hour, we ended up leaving.


My eHarmony account has expired. However, the folks at eHarmony are kind enough to send me e-mails telling me about my latest matches. Of course, they don't let me actually contact them. I think that's kinda rude not being able to tell people that I'm no longer available when they request communications with me. Blah. Then again, maybe it's just another case of RTFM. I seem to suffer from that a lot these days. :)

I'm within a few pages of being done with 'Sphere'. It's my latest Michael Crichton book. I'm still kinda stumped as to what to read next. A friend suggested one but I kinda want to stay on the Michael Crichton vein. So I'll see where that goes.

I hope that all is well with all my peeps out there. Sorry I haven't written much on here lately and sorry I haven't e-mailed many people either. Getting me to talk on the phone seems to be a bit troublesome these days too. Again, apologies to all. :)

Other than that, my time has been spent wisely watching TV, sleeping, and reading. That's 'bout it. :)


Wicke said...

Glad to see you're posting again. If you get bored, let me know and we'll hang out. Another BSG night perhaps.

Tracy said...

That's a lot of comment for someone who's not wanting to post anything.

And no time for Fark? What kind of commie are you. There's always time for fark. I mean, without that, where would you hear about Microsoft's antispyware program flagging Symantec's antivirus as spyware?

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