Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Article: Feinstein Blows the Whistle

This is one of the reasons that I hate politics. Part of the game is to inject miscellaneous adendums to bills that seemingly have nothing to do with the spirit of the bill. For instance, (and this is NOT a Bush-administration-is-evil speech), when the Patriot Act was renewed last year, there was a little-known stipulation that was added that allows the administration and the DOJ to fill Prosecutors positions with interim lawyers for an indefinate amount of time.

What does this mean to the average person like me? Put simply, this allows an administration to appoint prosecutors who can completely avoid Senate approval and remain in their office for the life of the administration. Interestingly enough, AND THIS IS WHAT PROVOKED THIS ARTICLE, US Attorneys are being forced to resign en masse at the moment and will be replaced with these interim replacements. What's even more interesting is that nobody seems to be able to find any grounds as to why they're being told to resign.

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