Thursday, January 25, 2007

Article: Say whaaaaaaa???????

If you are going to read ANYTHING on the internet today, you should read THIS ARTICLE. It goes on to describe how Attorney General Roberto Gonzalez is arguing against a person's right of Habeus Corpus. What does this mean? Well, for those not familiar with the term....

"The clear meaning of the clause [in the US Constitution], as interpreted for more than two centuries, is that the Founders recognized the long-established English law principle of habeas corpus, which guarantees people the right of due process, such as formal charges and a fair trial."

In other words, if someone were hoping for an Orwellian society where people can be "disappeared" at the drop of a hat without public question, then this would be one of the first steps on the way there. And yes...this is only my opinion...but it quainly summarizes a potential outcome. Even the ranking republican on the commitee pretty much let the attorney general know that he was off his rocker (in much nicer terms).

Again, I MUST stress that this is NOT an anti-Bush or anti government or anti-anything post on my part. I would question ANYONE who would do something like this. I'm not making a politically-affiliated argument. I'm simply saying that it scares me that the seperation of powers and the checks/balances that go along with that can be attacked like this and potentially eroded.

I'm certainly hoping that common sense can overcome a political challenge like this.

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Clay said...

I love this quote from John Dean on this story:

"With all due respect, Attorney General Gonzales needs to read an American history book - to avoid relying on arguments rejected in the 18th Century when offered by those who opposed the adoption of our nation's founding charter. Every time Gonzales testifies, he leaves the Constitution a bit more battered by his right-wing gobbledygook and revisionist dogma. We are fortunate he seldom appears before Congress."