Friday, January 19, 2007

Articles: Terra

Thought I'd throw some linkage out there to some random earth-related articles that I've read recently. If you click here, you can see a beautiful panoramic (360-degree) view of the world as seen from the top of Mt. Everest.

On another note. Click here if you want to see what de-forestation looks like from a couple miles up as witnessed in the Brazil's Amazon rainforest.

Check out this link to see some really great trees-in-ice-storm pictures. Some of them are really breath-taking. Who thought that water could be so beautiful? :)

I really do believe that the most beautiful things are born of randomness and develop over time on a geologic or cosmic scale. So long to create, and often so simple to destroy. No...I'm hardly a tree-hugging hippy. I just have an appreciation for the universe's aesthetic palatte. For instance, I don't think that any fractal that can be born of human imagination could EVER compare to some of the nebulas that I've seen that are a few hundred/thousand/million/billion light years away.

Random musings from a computer nerd. ;)

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mblitch said...

I hope to visit Kilimanjaro someday and might in 2010. From that point you can see more land mass and further than anywhere else in the world, even Mt. Everest (all those other pesky local mountains get in the way of the view).

In July when I was near San Francisco and San Jose, I visited Mt. Diablo. It is said that from there you can see further than anywhere else in the world except for Kilimanjaro. I didn't do a full 260 panorama, but you can see a shot I took in my blog on July 26, 2006.