Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Entry: Swimming with the Manatees

So, Mike was cool enough to take me out to Crystal River to go swimming with the manatees. Unfortunately, the area that we went to was somewhat commercialized and so there were plenty of pontoon boats and swimmers out there. Luckily, the manatee is a very curious creature and not often scared away by such distractions.

I was lucky enough to be approached by a manatee while I was off on my own. It stuck it's eye right up to me. It was a very cool experience. Of course, it WAS cool until another swimmer discovered that I had found one and decided to come over and bring her 20 other friends with her. The two minutes of natural bliss was then destroyed by a plethora of tourists. Go figure. :(

What's the point of this story? People suck! :)


mblitch said...

People suck? That would make a great bumper sticker!

Jason C. Miller said...

Hardy har har. :)