Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Entry: And for today...

So, I ended up getting one of those tiny MP3 players last week at Best Buy. It was kind of an impulse purchase. Wasn't really planned. Just saw it and bought it on the spot. I really never thought that I'd own one of these little buggers. Of course, I have proven myself wrong yet again by not only using it almost every day at work, but also going back to the store and exchanging it for a larger capacity model. I'm such a sell-out!

My weekend was pretty swell. Can't complain. I think I wrote about most of it in my blog. Not much else to add to that.

I've been ultra-reclusive of late (probably more than usual). I have my Tivo to thank for that. That thing has brought me nothing but misery and loneliness since I got it. Then again, what sweet sweet loneliness!!! ;)

Yeah, so...don't ask why, but I've been watching episodes of 'Saved By the Bell' this week. How weird is that? How that show ever made it on the air is a surprise. How it became syndicated is an utter miracle!

By the way, if you want to see a scary picture of what Mark-Paul Goselaar looks like today, click here. Then again, maybe I'm just jealous because I wasn't a child star myself. :)

You know, one thing that I can say that I actually like about that show is its portrayal of life. Before you go off the deep end with laughter, let me explain. Every charactor in that show...every situation...
every nothing but pure innocense. I don't think that I can possibly imagine a single character on that entire show whom I would consider to be an antagonist. Ever notice how every male dated every female in that little group throughout the years? That's just weird on two fronts. Firstly, they always break up and end up being just as close friends as they were before just like nothing ever happened. Secondly, whenever one of the girls gets together with one of the guys, the other girls (who are usually ex's of that guy) are usually all supportive, happy and giddy. Uh huh. WTF ever.

On to a completely different subject....
Have you ever wished that you could choose for whom you get those weird fluttery butterflies in your stomach? get them for someone that you wish you wouldn't but you don't for someone that you wish you would. I've always been one who believed that every reaction that a body can manifest was tailored to provide some kind of function. Now...I can almost understand the whole butterflies thing. Notice I said "almost".'s the million-dollar question. What part of the body is the one that decides for whom the butterflies will fly? It's obviously NOT anything in the subconscious mind. That leaves only the subconscious. Now, that just makes me wonder WHY the subconscious would be responsible for such an important task! (Then again, you're reading commentary from someone who thinks that love is simply a complex chemical addiction). Bah! Bah I say!

Have you ever been tired of hanging around someone who is really cool to be around when it's just the two of you but who becomes a complete @$$ when others are around? Now, that's a question that you would typically hear from someone in high school. However, I find that, even at the ripe ol' age of 28, that kind of social garbage STILL manifests itself. I really do think that some people take waaaaayy too much stock in their own self-image. These people are often also typically the folks who like grinding away at the gossip mill. It's also not too rare to see them show a public disdain for authority for common curtesy simply because it maintains their image. It's like their whole identity stems from other people's perceptions of them.

However, I could also say that it's as equally annoying to see someone who is a genuinely nice person who, for whatever reason (let's call it low self-esteem or confidence or whatever) supports and promotes that kind of social retardation in others. That one's actually a little more difficult to explain. I think I'll just leave it at that.

Oh. By the way. It rained like MoFo today.


Wicke said...

I really liked "Parker Lewis Can't Lose". It was out in the early 90s around the same time as "Saved By the Bell". I loved the fact that they had a hiding space inside one of the lockers. Another great show was "The Wonder Years". That brings back memories. Which reminds me, Lisa off of "Saved" was hot.

As for me being nice on a one on one level and an ass in a group, I try not to do that. I find it much easier just to be an ass 100% of the time. It's less confusing and a lot less work.

The remedy for butterflies in the stomach is actually quite simple. Stop eating butterflies. They may look delicious but they reek havok on the digestive tract.

Jason C. Miller said...

You know...I really do like to boast that I choose my friends carefully. It's times like this that I'm reminded of how horribly lacking the whole process is. :)