Monday, April 17, 2006

Entry: Yet another weekend

I had yet another good weekend. Can't complain one bit.

Friday was tennis day at the Family Circle Cup. By the way...for those who don't know this already...I have the GREATEST mom in the world. Thanks for the tickets mom! :)

I got to see my girl Patty Schnyder (see picture) play again. And, as usual, she whooped upon everyone she met with a biblical vengance. She ended up getting to the final round but lost to some Russian named Petrova. Blah. I bet Patty could take her in an open fight any day. ;)

Saturday was pretty stagnant. Hung out and cleaned and stuff. I found out (the hard way) that they closed the Discovery Channel Store in downtown Charleston! What a travesty! What a blasphemy! Blah!!

Sunday...spent a couple of hours walking on the beach on Sullivan's Island. Absolutely gorgeous day. My friend ended up burning the tops of her feet (or so she told me the following day). :) See...if you have hairy feet like mine, the sun isn't that harsh. It pays to be a hobbit!

The night was spent at a dinner party that was thrown by a friend. Good times were had by all and met some really nice folks.

Then, went to bed, woke up the next day, and here I am again.

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