Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Article: Just say 'NO' to peace on earth!

It's official. The world has gone insane. Here's an article about a neighborhood that's up in arms because someone in their midst put up an Xmas wreath in the shape of a peace symbol. Apparently, they consider the wreath to be an anti-war protest. Her HOA has imposed a daily fine as long as the wreath stays up. What is this world coming to?!

Even if it is an anti-war protest....freedom of speech! There's nothing derogatory or offensive about a peace symbol. How is it that people are allowed to put signs up or bumper stickers on their cars that promote the destruction of the enemy in Iraq (and just about anywhere else in the middle east), but a peace symbol MUST be censored? But, again, that's ONLY if it actually WERE a protest on this lady's part.

Nobody's ever heard the old saying "Peace on Earth...Good Will Toward Men"? You really only hear that spoken around the Xmas holidays. It's also part of a very popular Xmas carol. Apparently, we should start sensoring it now.

I'm telling you....in a couple of decades, you're going to need PERMISSION before you are allowed to say anything to make sure that it isn't offensive or can't be misinterpretted by any extremists out there among the ~6 billion other inhabitants of this planet.

Note: Apparently, others accused her of using the wreath as a satanic symbol. I was planning on commenting on that but, after some searching, realized that there are some historic arguments for it. I seriously doubt that was her intention though. Then again, that's only MY humbled opinion.


Wicke said...

If the HOA is going to fine her for her wreath, it should only be fair and fine anyone else who puts a wreath, ribbon, candles in their windows, welcome mats or any other such symbol on their house. Is that going to happen? No, because the world is full of hypocrites who believe their version of justice and righteousness should be everyone else's.

Jason C. Miller said...

Yeah...pretty much. Sad but true.