Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Article: Update to 'Peace on Earth'

Well...perhaps the world isn't as insane as I thought. Apparently, the neighborhood HOA that was fining that woman (mentioned a few posts ago) for putting up an Xmas wreath shaped like a peace symbol started receiving a lot of complaints from complete strangers who were not happy with their decision. They have since repealled the fine and apologized, stating that it was a "misunderstanding".

Question....what was misunderstood?? Why couldn't they just say something like "We have changed our minds" or something else a little more truthful? Why is it that just about everything today is a "misunderstanding"?

"Our invasion of SeaLand was a misunderstanding"
"I called Senator what's-his-hame a 'loser' on camera, but that was just a misunderstanding"
"I murdered my kids with a butcher knife, but it was just a huge misunderstanding"

Wow. I'm impressed with my ability to turn good news into a complaint. :)


Wicke said...

They really meant to say, "It was a misunderstanding. We didn't know that our actions would cause all sorts of bad publicity."

Jason C. Miller said...

I had a weird dream about cylons last night.

Wicke said...

Alrighty then Baltar...

Jason C. Miller said...

It was really weird. I dreamt that a team of cylons (the mechanical ones...not the flesh 'n bone ones) landed in a ship and tried to capture me and the others in the groups I was in. It was easy to evade them the first time. The second time they attempted it, it was a little more difficult, and then a little more. This went on until they learned enough about our tactics that they could catch all of us.


Anonymous said...

Man who argue with wife all day get no peace at night.