Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Germany, Day 4

The first part of today was spent walking around historic Prague and then heading back to Deutschland to check out Dachau.

So, after waking up, we walked down the street in Prague to check out the Charles Bridge and see what was on the other side. By the was absolutely awesome to visit a former soviet state!

Our hotel.

Interesting. This was with the walking zombies exhibit.

Ummmm. :)

Ashleigh in Prague.

Looking back on the entrance to the Charles Bridge.

Zoom in and check out the dudes chained up behind the bars.

A view of the river through Prague.

The four of us on the bridge.

A view of Prague from the bridge.

A nasty panoramic view of the river.

Another bad panorama.

Yet another bridge shot.

Jesus with Hebrew writing. Interesting.

Walking off the other side of the bridge into downtown Prague.

We skipped this. <:( I will return!

The three of them were arguing over the map whilst I was taking a picture of the chick on the wall behind them.

Prague town hall.

Just awesome.

Random church.

Random square.

Yes. Ashleigh found Harry Potter in Prague.

Another random church.

Czech by birth, southern by the grace of God!!!!!! (Be sure to read the writing on the door.) Seriously...we were very surprised to find this vehicle parked next to a million-year-old church in historic Prague.


No idea what this is. We took so many pictures of historic doors on random buildings it's hard to keep them all straight.

Inside some random church. VERY nice!

Back on the bridge.

Some place where random people left locks and such chained to this grate. I'll have to look this up later. (Gotta love the handcuffs.)

I like this for one reason. It's covered in Jesus stuff but has the all-seeing eye adorned at the very top.

Comrade Ashleigh.

THIS is why I need a SMART car.

Skipped this, too. :(


The US embassy. Of the three embassies we passed, this was the only one with heavy security and bomb units screening every car that went by.

Carrot Top doing pushups with moobs.

I need this teddy bear.

European bacon is simply awesome!

Need some hangover chips?


After we left Prague, we took a drive down to see the Dachau concentration camp. As much as many would disagree with me, I think that this is the kind of thing that everyone should see at least once in their life. From this point on, I won't be doing any more joking in this post. BE WARNED....THESE ARE PICTURES OF A WWII CONCENTRATION CAMP.

A site map.

This is where the train brought the new people in.

"Work makes you free". I've always wanted to stand before this gate in person. It's a testament to human cruelty.

I'd always heard that the difference between the Nazies and every other nation was that the Nazies actually DOCUMENTED all of their war crimes. This is a ledger of new "guests".

Each inmate had to wear a patch that clearly depicted what class of societal "undesirable" they fit in to.

I was amazed at how close the residential area of the local town was to the camp.

A picture of a night's roll-call as portrayed by a prisoner.

A monument.

A model of the camp.

The bedding area.

Each side of this road used to be lined with the housing units. These are the original trees.

Ashleigh and Curtis taking a picture of the Jewish monument from inside the prisoner living quarters.

The Catholic memorial.

Bathing area.

The Jewish memorial.

The protestant memorial.

The Russian Orthodox memorial.

No description required.

You know what these are.


The showers. battery was about to die and I couldn't use a flash.

Literally translated..."shower".

Jewish memorial.

"Pistol Range".

"Execution range with blood ditch".


Ashes were dumped here in this hole.

The whole building.

Barbed wire lining the bank of the stream.

After we left the camp, and much to my surprise, we headed to the Edelweiss resort. All I can say was that staying at a resort in the German Alps......NICE!!!!

The big ol' freak'in beer bong that the next table was checking out.

Ramdom chicks kept showing up wearing towels.

The adventure continues tomorrow. :)

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Anonymous said...

For all the suffering, we should have the Holocost taught in our schools and let our children learn how suffering is so wrong, so unjust for so many innocent men, women, and children. Maybe then they would not end up radicals that hurt other people, ever. I know it is only a prayer a hope. But you never know. My grandson is 12 and already read the Diary of Anne Frank. He is young but he knows what happened. He also read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.He actually cried at the end.