Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Entry: Ohio State beats Notre Dame

Yes...it is true. OSU beat out Notre Dame last night....34-20.

Why am I posting this? You thought that I hated sports?? Well, you're absolutely right. The reason that I feel I need to post this is because I was with a friend last night who enjoys the heck out of football and she decided that she was rooting for Notre Dame. Personally, I don't care either way. However, for the sake of random strife, I decided to root for the team that she wasn't (mainly because I'm a bastard).

Anyway...just thought I'd rub it in her face a little more. ;)


Jason C. Miller said...

Notice how the person remained anonymous. This is obviously due to the fact that she is shamed by having the I-hate-football guy rub her loss in her face. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sigh....Congrats! Well to bad we didn't stay to watch the rest of the game, then you could have rubbed it in my face in person!!