Friday, January 13, 2006

Entry: The SC Aqarium

I just wrote a looong commentary on the SC Aqarium and why I don't like them very much. I decided to erase it for the sake of karma. :)


mel said...


**** that. Put it back up. Are you scared the Aquarium people will see it or something. Come on Jason, I expect more from you.

Jason C. Miller said...

Actually, it wasn't really karma. I'm just trying to be a better person today. :)

Normally, I'd flame the heck out of them on here, but I figure..."Hey...turn the other cheek!".

Wicke said...

I don't believe that. I think you are just being lazy. That seems more your style.

Jason C. Miller said...

No...I actually had it all written out. I deleted about a page worth of good junk! :)