Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Article: State of the Union

Ouch! This guy was forcibly dragged out of his vehicle and savagely beaten. "Why?" you ask. Well....because he honked at some folks standing in the middle of the street to try to get them to let him pass.

You know....I think it's just sad. Typically, I wouldn't bother to post an article like this, but it goes far to illustrate a beef that I have with a large portion of the US populace. The funny thing is that so many people in this country look at the rest of the world with contempt because they aren't "like us". I mean, here we have random beatings, school shootings, uni-bombers, anthrax killers, a zillion different illegal malitias, and a countless number of Jerry Springer specials, and yet we're "so much better than everybody else". It's funny how many people have such tunnel vision that completely keeps them from being as introspective as they need to be. Bah.

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