Monday, December 19, 2005

Entry: Random stalker note

Ok...this is a bit of a random post. :)

So, I'm in Northwoods mall last night (xmas shopping) having been in the north area visiting some friends. I'm walking through and doing a very good job of avoiding those girls who ambushed me with the massage tools last time. I later saw that one girl (the one that I mentioned in the other post) follow me into two different stores on that hall and just kinda hang around. Overactive imagination? Perhaps. Kinda weird. Almost felt like I should have asked for a security escort to my car. :)


melvin said...

why don't you just ask the girl out? She obviously was trying to get your attention. You said she was kind of cute. Make your move!

Jason C. Miller said...

Hmmm....maybe because she's a sicko Israely mall-stalker 20-year-old. That might be a good place to start!